Personal Trainer


If you're working toward peak performance, are coming back after injury, or want to boost your weight loss efforts, you need a personal trainer. We've got the best of both worlds for you! Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Andrea Bailey, is here to help you meet your goals. She brings expertise in both nutrition and exercise for maximum results!

Menu Planning



Meal planning saves time, money, and helps keep us on a healthier path. 

Enjoy a custom meal plan to meet your health goals. Thousands of recipe options from quick & easy to gourmet along with the grocery list all at your fingertips with our meal planning platform. 

Body Composition


Body Composition Analysis gives you the opportunity to track your progress beyond changes in weight, including body fat %, lean muscle, visceral fat, hydration, and more. This is a  complimentary service for our clients. But it's also available to those working to achieve wellness goals on their own. Just give us a call to schedule.