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Make a Fresh Start today!
Sign-up for our online 6-week 
Weight Loss & Optimal Wellness Course
Take advantage of introductory pricing $299 (after March 1st $379)

Reset, Renew & Recharge your life!
Join Deena & Jennifer, your Registered Dietitian Team, as they guide you through the very same plan they’ve successfully used with clients for years, but this time it’s all online.

Here's what you can expect with our Fresh Start Course

  • 12 achievable lifestyle principles that will guide your weight loss success

  • 6 online classes (1 each week available to you on your schedule)

  • 2 Dietitians (that's us!) to guide your progress & answer your questions

  • 1 private Facebook page where you can access everything you need including supportive messaging, recipe suggestions, and 

  • Continued access to course content for 3 months! 

Look what's waiting for you...

 Weight Loss
More Energy

Decreased Inflammation

Improved Mood, Focus & Mental Clarity

Reduced Insulin Resistance
Better Blood Sugar Balance

Improved Cholesterol Levels 

Lower Blood Pressure

Improved Liver Function

Fuel for a Healthy Gut

Decreased Cravings

Naturally Flush Toxins

Improved Sleep


Registration Form
Online Fresh Start Weight Loss & Optimal Wellness Course
Please complete a separate registration form for each participant

Once you click Register Now, you will be taken to a secure payment page to complete your registration.

If you encounter any difficulty, please don't hesitate to call us at 208-433-9424


Thank you!

We look forward to working with you.

Watch your inbox for course details.

As with any weight loss plan, check with your healthcare provider before starting,
especially if you have been diagnosed or are being treated for any chronic health condition.
If any plan recommendations contradict your healthcare providers advice, please follow and/or
check in with your healthcare provider for further guidance.
In our experience, individuals who fully embrace our Fresh Start weight loss principles
experience healthy, sustainable weight loss and improved health. 
However, we cannot guarantee specific results
as each of person has a unique body chemistry and level of commitment to change.
For these reasons, we do not offer refunds.
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