Meals in Minutes

A Complimentary Monthly Meal Planning Toolkit

Make menu planning

simple, healthy & flavorful

using our complimentary monthly meal plans.

Have you ever been excited to start a new meal plan?


Then shortly realize that....


(a) you have such a hectic schedule & couldn't follow through with the planned meals and/or


(b) the menu didn't meet yours or your family's needs?

Our monthly meal plans will give you the flexibility to plan your meals according to your busy schedule.
We've taken the hard part out for you by finding tasty, healthy recipes.

Click on the month to download meal plan

How To Start Planning:

  1. Take out your calendars. For each day of the week, assign one of the themes you see listed on the monthly downloadable meal plan.

  2. Based on each theme, choose a recipe.

  3. Use the sample grocery list provided to check off items you will need for your meal plan. 

*note: your themes may change every week, or you can keep the same theme for each day of the week. Your choice!