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Large corporations and small businesses alike benefit when their employees are healthy. Investing in a workplace wellness program can provide far-reaching benefits for your company and your employees.


Employee wellness can improve your employer brand, build loyalty among current employees, and may even save you money by boosting employee productivity, cutting the cost of health insurance, and reducing sick leave usage.

Promoting workplace wellness isn’t a one-time effort. It’s a culture change and ongoing journey. When done well, it provides a win-win benefit that improves your employee health and the health of your business.  

Our Registered Dietitians can provide anything from an occasional lunch & learn

to an entire series of nutrition and wellness

presentations, demonstrations, and/or activity-based interaction. 

registered dietitian

Choose from our list of wellness topics or suggest your own topic.

We’re happy to explore the endless possibilities with you.



Eating More for Fewer Calories:  An Explanation of the Volumetrics Way of Eating


Diet Sustainability:  How to Keep Weight Off For Good


Are You Keyboard Eater?  How to Eat Healthy in the Office Environment


Eating Right When Money is Tight:  5 Meals to Feed the Family for Under $15.00


30 Minute Quick and Healthy Meals


Ways to Maximize Nutrition When Cooking for One or Two


The Food-Mood Connection


Sorting Through the Mazes of Current Diet Crazes


Advanced Eating for the Heart:  How Food Can Heal Your Heart


Mock Grocery Store Tour:  How to Use the Cart to Shop Smart for your Body


Eating a Mediterranean Diet and the Nine Power Foods that Drive It


Optimal Training Diet:  Sports Nutrition Tips for Athletes of all Kinds


How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain?


Mindfulness and Motivation:  Keys to a Healthy Life


Why have a workplace wellness program?

Why have a wellness program
Customize Your program
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