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Performance Nutrition

Training & peak performance
Injury rehabilitation & recovery

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Rachael Tatko
Registered Dietitian
Competitive Athlete

Bring your performance to a new level with Rachael

Experienced nutrition coaching is a critical component for optimal performance. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or trying to recover from injury and/or surgery, what, when, and how you eat impacts the outcome.


Rachael will help you fuel your body's needs with a nutrition plan based on your sport and fitness goals.

     I love seeing others accomplish their goals, and I look forward to helping you get where you want to be. I specialize in individualized nutrition planning for the athlete who wants to excel at their sport.  
     My love for sports nutrition began after several injuries during my high school and college years. I thought I had my nutrition dialed in, but after struggling through recoveries, I decided to take a closer look at how I was fueling myself. I was nowhere close to fueling my recovery or my sport appropriately. After overhauling my nutrition plan, I have been able to compete at an elite level in triathlon and road cycling.
     Food is an important part of our daily lives, and I believe it should never feel stressful to eat well. As an athlete, food is fuel; it drives not only your physical performance but also your mental ability, sleep cycles, and many other functions that are vital to performing your best. 
     I enjoy approaching nutrition from an athletic perspective in a way that enhances knowledge and competence for my clients about their personal nutritional needs in a simple way that fits their lifestyle.

Performance Nutrition Services

Gold 3-Pack

Consists of 3 appointments
Initial + 2 follow-ups (60 min each)
Individualized nutrition planning
and strategies to fine-tune 
for your sport.


Game-Day Plan

A single appointment for an optimal race/game day
nutrition plan. 
Perfect for an endurance event that requires nutrition throughout the race or an athlete looking
for the best way to fuel
for a power sport.

(average appt = 90 minutes)

Team Visit

Is there a nutrition topic
your team is interested in?
Schedule a fun and interactive presentation to help foster
healthy fueling habits for
your entire team.

Prices vary depending
on topic, length, & location.


Not sure which plan is right for you?
No Problem!
Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Rachael today! 

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