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5 New Ways to Eat Berries

Summer, oh how sweet it is! But, it's about to get even sweeter as we celebrate National Berry Month! We often associate sweet with indulgent desserts but berries, and fruit for that matter, are one sweet treat we should be getting more of. Adding a variety of the colorful fruit to your plate can help you on your way to getting the recommended 2 cups of fruit each day. Consuming 2 cups of fruit, including berries each day will not only satisfy that sweet tooth but give you a burst of healthy boosting nutrients- antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and folate, that work together to help fight off heart disease, cancer, and even lower risk of Parkinson's Disease. And with our 5 new ways to eat berries, you'll be savoring the sweet taste of summer and reaping the health benefits in no time!

1. Colorful Salads

Berries make a quick addition to any salad and are a nice pop of color and flavor. Tie it all together with a DIY berry dressing. Try this Triple Berry Summer Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette.

2. Summertime Sippers

Take your hydration game up a notch on these hot summer days by placing berries to ice cube trays, freezing, then adding to water for a hint of flavor. Need a quick snack idea? Add milk, fresh or frozen berries, and spinach to a blender for a delicious and nutritious smoothie on the go.

3. Non-Traditional Toppings

Berries are a great way to add a twist to any traditional meal. Try adding a berry topping to traditional dishes such as a berry compote for pancakes, strawberry mango salsa on tacos, or a homemade berry chutney for fish or poultry dishes.

4. Sweet Snacks

What better way to cool down on a hot summer day than frozen yogurt covered berries? Simply place mixed berries in a bowl with your choice of Greek yogurt, toss until berries are coated with yogurt. Gently spoon berries onto a baking sheet and freeze. For another quick snack idea, make your own trail mix by adding dried berries with nuts and shaved coconut. Store in your desk drawer or gym bag so you always have a healthy snack on hand.

5. Satisfying Desserts

For a healthy dessert option, simply layer mixed berries with whipped cream and top with chopped nuts. Or try a healthy alternative to ice cream by blending 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup of strawberries (or other preferred berry) and 1 tsp. vanilla extract for a delicious and satisfying summer dessert.

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