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Healthy Snacks-Made Simple!

Snacking isn't mandatory but including a healthy snack between meals can help tide off hunger until the next meal and be a great way to boost nutrition. For kids and adults, it's important to always use hunger as your guide.

Snacks can often confused with "treats" but they simply are not the same! Snacks should be well-balanced including protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. With snacks, always keep portion control in mind. Purchasing single-serve items or portioning items such as crackers or nuts out ahead of time is a smart way to avoid overeating.

For a well-balanced snack, choose one item from each column below.

Complex Carbohydrate Protein

(Whole Grain/Fruit/Vegetable)

◦ Mixed Berries ◦ String Cheese

◦ Whole Wheat Pita Bread ◦ Hard Boiled Egg

◦ Carrot & Celery Sticks ◦ Almonds

◦ Whole Wheat Cracker ◦ Cottage Cheese

◦ Whole Wheat English Muffin ◦ Peanut Butter

◦ Small Apple or Banana ◦ Milk

◦ Pineapple Cup ◦ Greek Yogurt

◦ Broccoli & Cauliflower Cup ◦ Hummus

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