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Testing & Analytics

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Body Composition Analysis gives you the opportunity to track your progress beyond changes in weight, including body fat percent, lean muscle, visceral fat, hydration, and more.
This is a  complimentary service for our clients. 

Body Composition

MedGem Metabolic Analysis

  • How many calories do you really need?

  • Test! Don't guess! 

  • Indirect calorimetry tells you your calorie needs for basic metabolic functions (Resting Metabolic Rate-RMR)

  • Reliable & effective tool in weight management, improved fitness performance, and overall health & wellness

Metabolic Analysis

Food Sensitivities

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Understanding Unwanted Food Responses

When you're sick & tired of feeling sick & tired

Mediator Release Testing

Food and food-chemical sensitivities result in complex non-IgE (non-allergic) immune mediated reactions involving multiple triggering mechanisms, ultimately leading to the release of pro-inflammatory mediators that can result in symptoms across a wide range of conditions.

Food Sensitivity Testing
Hormone Testing
Advanced Hormone Testing


Fatigue, Weight Gain

Mood Swings, Depression

Poor Sexual Function

 Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Hot Flashes, Trouble Sleeping

Hormone Imbalance


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