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We Welcome you to 

Reset ~ Renew ~ Recharge

Happy 2023!!! We're so glad you're here.

There's no better time for a Fresh Start than with the start of a new year!

Wellness comes from nourishing all aspects of your life...fueling your mind, body, and spirit.

As we work together, don't forget to enjoy your wellness journey; it's not a race.

Be kind to yourself but also challenge yourself, your habits, your beliefs, and any negative self-talk.

Let yourself shine!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some simple, yet powerful steps that, over the years, our clients have identified as key foundational elements for a successful wellness journey.

Foundational Elements for Wellness


Step 1:

Set Your Intentions

Start by erasing the term New Year's Resolution from your mind. Over the years this concept has fallen out of favor. Not because the concept of setting a goal to better ourselves and our lives is wrong. What often goes wrong is the resolve has no plan, no step by step process.  Setting goals is important, but let's do it right!

 We like to use the term "setting your wellness intentions"...or creating a vision for a healthier version of you. When we set intentions, we create a vision for what we want to see in our lives and in ourselves.  Envision the outcome you want by taking time to visualize your intentions.


It's important to give this step serious thought.  You can use our Wellness Intentions worksheet to get started.

Wellness Intentions Worksheet

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Step 2:

Buddy Up

Having a support partner is important! 

Everyone should have support and encouragement especially when we are working toward a specific goal.


 Your support partner doesn't have to be on a wellness journey with you, nor do they have to be living in the same house. It could be a spouse, friend, coworker, parent, simply needs to be someone who cares about you and can support your journey. 

If it turns out your supporter would like to join your journey, don't hesitate to share this link so they can also connect with us!

Share this Link

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Step 3:

Create a Nourishing Food Environment

We will be focusing on 4 pillars of wellness in the next few weeks, good nutrition, regular activity, restorative sleep and our emotional well-being. While all are super important for wellness, we are Dietitians, so guess what? Nutrition gets top billing!

This week we want to focus on stocking up on our "Nutrition Superstars". Pick and choose some or all of these nutrient-packed foods to add to your grocery cart.

The more you add, the more nutrients you get that will help reduce inflammation, boost you antioxidant intake, and ramp up your fiber intake.


Get your Nutrition Superstar

Grocery List 

Week 1 Wellness Guide

Stay tuned for the next free
Foundations of Wellness Guide

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