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Wellness comes from nourishing all aspects of your life...fueling your mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoy your wellness journey.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some simple, yet powerful steps that, over the years, our clients have identified as key foundational elements for a successful wellness journey.

Foundational Elements for Wellness

Week 2 


Step 1: Finding Your Why

Last week, you began your health journey by setting your intentions.  We hope you took the time to

create your vision for a healthier youIf you missed it, click here to go back to last week’s Step 1.

This week, let's take that process a step further by thinking about your “Why.”  Your “why” is your

own personal motivation in life.  Like your personal mission statement, it gets to the core of your

own purpose and values.  It may take some digging, but the idea is to get to the root of why we

do the things that we do each day.

As we start our personal health journey, it is important to take the time to reflect on your “Why.”  No matter what you discover, the healthier you are, the better you feel, and the more energy you have, the greater your ability to fulfill your own personal purpose in life; your “Why.” 

When you find yourself struggling with making healthier lifestyle changes, returning to your “why” can help you find the motivation you need to keep going.


Spend time this week to find your “Why.”  Use our worksheet to help you through this process.

Step 2:  Exercise Made Easy

Our competitive, driven society often sends us unattainable, unrealistic messages about what it means

to be fit and get more exercise.  Marketing images make us believe that we need to join a gym, go to

cross fit classes, run a 5k or even a ½ marathon!  This is not true!  The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle

are well known and increasing our physical activity is important for numerous reasons.  But it doesn’t

have to be difficult!          

                      Click here to see how you can easily add more activity into your life

Step 3:  Meal Planning Basics

Meal planning is the most important tool needed to begin to eat healthier.  In today’s environment,

ltra-processed convenience foods, fast foods, boxed meals, and most restaurant meals are all

around us.  This makes it too easy to fall into the trap of a low quality, low fiber, low nutritional value

diet.  The Standard American Diet, appropriately called the SAD diet, leaves us feeling tired, run

down, and unwell. 
The good news is that it is not difficult to make giant leaps in the nutritional quality of your diet with

just a few basic planning steps.  Taking the time to plan a few healthy meals and snacks at the

beginning of the week means you don’t have to reach for those convenience items.  While it seems

like it takes a bit of time up front, you’ll find significant time and money savings throughout the week

in addition to significantly increasing your health.

This week we are sharing a great idea for significantly increasing your intake of colorful vegetables and critically important fiber.  Called the Super Salad, you can make this once per week and have it easily and readily available for complete, highly nutritious meals each day.  You can even throw it in a to-go container each morning for lunch on the run.

Click here to access

More wellness recipes to come

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