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Personal Trainer, Julie Hill, will help you create your path to better health by integrating the right fitness plan for you. Her expertise as a Certified Personal Trainer will support you in reaching your goals with a safe, enjoyable, and effective fitness plan. 

Alternative Medicine

Chiropractor, Dr. Nate Berrett, at Boise Premier Chiropractic shares our philosophy that life is about more than "not being sick", it's about feeling healthy, strong, and vibrant. 


Ideally we get the nutrition we need from the food we eat, but the reality is it's easy to fall short. Supplements are not a replacement for fueling your body with real, clean, healthy food, but the right supplements can support and enhance your health. If you're unsure what you should and should not be taking, please consult with your healthcare provider or one of our Registered Dietitians.


Xymogen is a trusted leader in the supplement industry. Their high quality products are a superior choice and a favorite among healthcare providers due to their extensive research and 3rd party testing.

​​Feel free to create an account at Xymogen.com and enjoy our 20% discount Use practitioner name: LaJoie and referral code: BeWell2day

Metagenics also offers superior quality science-based supplement products that meet the highest standards for research and manufacturing. They have a wide range of products to meet your specific needs and help you reach your optimal health.

Create your account at bwell.metagenics.com. 20% discount off initial order.


Need an Insurance Plan that meets your needs?

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Check out Your Health Idaho if you and your family are looking for healthcare coverage.  Many healthy plans are now covering nutrition care. Be sure to ask when you're exploring plan options.

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