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Weight Management

Nutri-Genetic Testing

The future of Precision Nutrition


Your DNA is a given
How your genes are expressed is in your hands 

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Nutri-Genetic analysis can open the door to
the personalized recommendations needed
to live your healthiest life.

Consider Nutri-Genetic testing if
you're struggling with

~potential inflammation & detoxification issues 
~unexplained chronic fatigue
~weight loss
~nutrient metabolism 
~chronic disease risk


You and your Registered Dietitian will identify genetic variances that may be getting in the way of your optimal health now and later in life. Together you will create a nutrition and lifestyle plan designed to address your current and future health concerns. 

We have partnered with 3X4 NUTRIGENOMOICS to offer the most advanced nutri-genetic testing & lifestyle coaching.  

Your 3X4 BLUEPRINT offers a tool to help guide you in living your healthiest life.


Nutri-Genetics or Nutrigenomics looks at how your food choices and nutrition communicate with your genes. Numerous factors can influence whether a gene is turned on or off (gene expression). 


Our Nutrigenomic test looks at genes that affect metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, weight, and other factors related to nutrition and lifestyle. It provides you with individualized information that can help you reach your health goals, prevent chronic disease, and improve health conditions that are already present. You'll be able to make smart choices for your future health.

Your nutrigenomic blueprint can help you and your Dietitian decide what recommendations to focus on for maximum health benefits.  Programs tailored to an individual's DNA are more effective than one-size-fits-all programs because they take the guesswork out of health management.

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