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Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

The benefits of the right nutrition and lifestyle are vast. It can prevent, manage and even reverse chronic health conditions. 

It is often a critical but missing element in optimizing quality of life for health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, GI or intestinal issues, and inflammatory or autoimmune conditions.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine is a key element in improving quality of life and helping us age in a way that allows us to do what we love.


At Idaho Nutrition we incorporate a holistic approach to your health and wellness. Below are the many ways that we can help you take the next step in your health journey.

When you're ready to lose weight once and for all, improve your health & feel well, you need to make a fresh start with an individualized plan that gets results! 

Chronic Health Concerns

Blending nutritional approaches with conventional care maximizes your health and well-being. Nutrition plays an important role in optimally managing many health issues.


Diabetes Care & Management

We walk with you in your new or ongoing Diabetes diagnosis, giving support and education for improved diabetes management and your optimal health.

Disordered Eating Recovery

Creating a trusting & supportive partnership is the key in recovery. Our dietitians gently guide an individual down the path to recovery.

Pediatric Nutrition

Addressing the nutritional needs and health challenges of children at each stage of development can help each child reach their full nutrition and health potential. We partner with parents to start children on a healthy relationship with food and decrease food pickiness.


Sports & Performance Nutrition

Nutrition is fundamental to healing as well as athletic performance. The right foods will optimize your energy level, reduce risk of injury, enhance recovery, and  maximize your potential.

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