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The Wheat Zoomer panel from Vibrant America assesses sensitivity to wheat, autoimmune disease, and intestinal barrier stability.


If you suspect you have wheat sensitivity, multiple food sensitivities, intestinal permeability, autoimmune disorders, or chronic inflammation, you may benefit from this panel.


Symptoms of wheat sensitivity can include:

Gastrointestinal inflammation (diarrhea or constipation; cramping; nausea; discomfort after eating),
Excessive fatigue after meals,
Joint pains,

Lack of concentration/Brain fog,

Bloating sensation,
Gas (of any kind),

Headaches, including migraines,
Neurological symptoms (memory loss, balance problems, numbness, tingling, anxiety),

Eczema or psoriasis,
Low vitamin D status.


*Note: This price includes the results review with a Registered Dietitian. After your purchase of the test, Idaho Nutrition will schedule your review appointment with you. 

Wheat Sensitivity Test + Results Review

SKU: 364215376135199
  • This package includes the test kit and the results review with a Registered Dietitian.

    *Note: blood draw is an additional fee at Idaho Nutrition or your preferred lab.

    Test results are sent to your Registered Dietitian and will be discussed together at your scheduled appointment.

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