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 Weight Loss   

We offer a comprehensive list of options for an individualized approach to successful weight loss.
nutrition & lifestyle coaching ~ medical weight loss ~
tirzepatide injections ~ MIC inections (the "skinny shot") ~ hormone & metabolic testing ~ body composition ~ resting metabolic rate ~ continuous glucose monitor ~
shared tracking app ~ personalized supplement recommendations ~
ongoing support once you reach your goal

Leave the past behind

It's time to make a Fresh Start

Reach your weight & wellness goals once & for all!

We take your goals seriously, and we're here to support and guide you toward those goals in a healthy way.

Our Registered Dietitians & Nurse Practitioner will coach & support you through the process.


You can lose weight permanently.

You can create a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

You can establish a healthy relationship with food. 

You can improve your long-term health.

You can enjoy a greater sense of well-being. 

We focus on creating an individualized plan that's right for you by offering a variety of options, including  injectable weight loss medications for those who desire and are for appropriate for this option.

Our goal is to support your weight loss journey in every way we can.


Keep reading or contact us to learn more!

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Individualized Weight Loss

   Finding the right weight loss program is critical. Of course you want to see results, but there's more than just weight loss. You want to feel good, have more energy, and create a sustainable nutrition & lifestyle plan that will improve your overall health and help you maintain your new weight. You want a plan that offers enough flexibility to fit your busy that gets the weight off and keeps it off!

Our weight loss approaches are based on client preferences and goals.  We're here to coach and support you, answer questions, and guide your weight loss success. Together, we'll create an individualized road map that incorporates a variety of options to support your weight loss and good health.

 Medical Weight Loss

We are happy to offer Tirzepatide, the most effective weight loss  injectable on the market today. It can be a valuable tool for successful weight loss and improved health when combined with a health promoting nutrition & lifestyle plan. 

We have also added the option for MIC Injections or what has been dubbed the "Skinny Shot".  MIC is an injectable therapy that combines the amino acid, methionine, with inositol and choline (plus B12). The combination of supplement ingredients work to metabolize and eliminate stored fat deposits. MIC/B12 can be used on it's own or as an add-on treatment to Tirzepatide. 


We've developed a Medical Weight Loss Program that integrates injectable therapy options with nutrition & lifestyle coaching so that you can lose the weight and keep it off.

Our Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists provide  personalized health coaching while our Nurse Practitioner will discuss options and work with you to determine the right medical approach so that you can achieve your best results.

Already on a weight loss medication? 

Our Dietitian team can help...

  • Maximze your results

  • Maintain lean muscle

  • Control side effects

  • Confidently transition into maintenance

Woman on a scale with a medical professional adjusting the scale bar
Tirzepatide Pricing

Option 1: Basic Program ~ $329* every 4 weeks. This option includes your medication, medical management, coordination of care, refills, & on-site injections if desired. Follow-up appointments with the NP & RD are billed to insurance.

Option 2: Premier Program ~  $359* every 4 weeks. This option includes our Basic Program AND follow-up with either your RD or
our NP. This option is for those who only have insurance benefits for office visits or nutrition.

Option 3: Elite Program ~ $389* every 4 weeks. This is a complete package. All follow-up appointments are included.

*There is added cost for high dosing options. 

MIC Pricing

Includes 4-weeks of MIC injections (2/wk), medical management & coordination of care, refills, & on-site injections. Follow-up appointments are not included.
Pay monthly ~ $165

Pay Quarterly ~  $445 ($50 savings)

Initial evaluation: An initial appointment with the Registered Dietitian AND Nurse Practitioner are required before being approved for Tirzepatide or MIC injections . Appointments are billed separately and are not included in the program options. We are happy to bill insurance or provide you with our same-day discount rate.

Program requirements: Regular follow-up with the Registered Dietitian or Nurse Practioner every 4 weeks is required to continue Tirzepatide or MIC.

Insurance: If you choose to have us bill insurance for your RD &/or NP appointments, we advise confirming network status first. Please note there may be additional charges in the event insurance does not cover your appointments, applies them to your deductible, or identifies a patient responsibility such as coinsurance or copay. 

 Don't put your goals on hold. Be sure to ask about our easy payment financing options.
Medical Weight Loss
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